The 2-in-1 High Blood 
Pressure Destroyer

  • Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

  • Strengthen the heart valves

  • Burn Blood Blocking Fat Fast

  • 365 Days Money Back Guarantee!


See what some
of our customers are saying

I feel way better and finally feel like I’m healing. Going to continue to work out, and just live right. Didn’t take one prescribed medicine again and have a new appointment next month coming up.

The look on my docs face is going be priceless when I tell her I didn’t ingest not one of those stupid medicine Natural herbs is the way to go. Love Arjuna and Lasuna.”

 – Peter Nwandu from Imo State

Verified Buyer

(Results may vary from person to person)

This is my 39th day of using this drug now.  My feet and legs seem to have joined my body and are warmer, the elephant got off my chest and I am taking deep oxygen in respiration, my muscles seem to have relaxed and I even skipped a Xanax dose because I am so relaxed.

 I am stumped by this unexpected relief when all else seems to have failed. Oh hello life again. I am so happy. Thank you Dr Akin, I’m grateful”

 – Folorunsho Iyabo from Ibadan

Verified Buyer

(Results may vary from person to person)

I am so glad that this organic Arjuna and Lasuna is replacement for my high blood pressure medicine. I could not travel more than 3 hours without feeling like life was slowly slipping off my grasp.

Yesterday, for the first time since I was diagnosed with HPB in 2014, I drove 17 hours from Lagos to Abuja I could have traveled another 5 hours this is great supplement for me (59 years old).”

 – Folorunsho Iyabo from Ibadan

Verified Buyer

(Results may vary from person to person)

Why 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer?

Arjuna and Lasuna have both been used for more than 400yrs in Indian and neighbouring Asian countries to combat high blood pressure.

Together, they work so incredibly well. So much that scientists from all over the world including US and UK began researching its efficacy.

Since the current prescription patients are recommended don’t work effectively to reverse blood pressure. Doctors are now recommending hypertensive patients to switch to this wonderful natural alternative.

Arjuna works by strengthening the heart itself while already repairing the blood valves. On the other hand, Lasuna burns bad cholesterol in the blood vessels hence reducing the blood density. Combined, they help the free flow of blood to the heart and across the body thus forcing a reversal of the high blood pressure to normal.

Once the root cause of high blood pressure has been removed, the body can then work on healing and normalizing itself.

For most people, the heart condition that has been damaged by years of weakness and drugs will be perfectly reversed and normal in 6 short months. Most people report drastic improvements in 30 days or less while taking Arjuna and Lasuna once a day 

It has proven results

Over 37,487+ and counting Nigerian adults now trust Arjuna DS to help manage and reverse their hypertension. More people every day are seeing awesome results. Get ready for a transformation too. Join the movement today.

No side effects

Arjuna DS has been proven over 400+yrs and used without any side effects whatsoever. Hundreds of scientists in UK and the United States support this century old conclusion too. It’s completely herbal, completely natural. Completely safe.

It’s so convenient to use

This 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer is so easy to use. You take one each in the morning every day. That’s it. Single Dose. Double Strength. No longer do you need to swallow capsules morning and night every day for the rest of your life. With 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer, it’s one easy pill each!

2-in-1 HBP Destroyer is for you

If you’re ready to finally reverse your high blood pressure and get your heart working perfectly, this is the best thing you can do for yourself. In the first 3 weeks of using this powerful herbal formula, all side effects and weakness will be gone from your body!

Why it works so well

High blood pressure is primarily caused by the clogging of the blood vessel due to years of toxins in the blood stream. As a result, this forces the heart to exert more pressure in bumping blood to keep the body alive.

2-in-1 HBP Destroyer dissolves all the elements that clogs the heart valves while also strengthening the heart’s muscles due to year of neglect.

Given enough time, the heart regains its strength, the blood vessels become stronger, the clog in the blood is dissolves hence, blood can now flow freely through the heart.

Arjuna thus is known as the king of the heart in India. It’s a heart defender! It’s a protector for the most important part of our body. Blood is indeed life.


How does 2-in1 HBP Destroyer Work?

They work by REVERSING tightened blood vessels. So blood can freely move around. The reason people with High BP end up with stroke is when their blood vessels begin to tighten and block normal flow of blood. This reduces every chances of stroke – almost instantly.

Instantly melts away any blood clot, so you would never be scared of organ failure or going blind because a blood clot stopped the flow of blood to your eyes.

100% made from harsh chemicals like your normal drugs, they don’t give any side effects.

Totally different from your normal drugs. While your drugs keep your BP stable; 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer completely reverses it.

It automatically crushes your Cholesterol level, which is amazing because high cholesterol in your blood vessels reduces how easily blood flow…and when this blood flow is blocked…just like a pump with something blocking it…the heart will start to struggle to pump blood. And this how heart attacks happen. The 2-in-1 High blood crusher automatically reduces every chance that this would ever happen to you.

This is not the kinds of solution that make you urinate like a child…or give you headaches.


How Much Will This Cost You?

Well, think about it…on an average a complete dose of High blood pressure medications costs 6,000 naira, depending on what your doctor prescribes – for some people it is even more. 

…in 2 months, assuming you buy for 6,000 naira, you would have spent 12,000 naira on those drugs…in a year that would be about 72, 000 naira spent on these medications that really don’t reverse your blood pressure.

In 2 years you would have spent 144,400 naira. Money you’d have used to get something that really crushes high BP for good.

In 5 years you would have done 360,000 naira on just drugs. And most people have been known to depend on these medications for 7 years, and still don’t get to see much changes.

And If we add how much you have spent in Doctor Consultations…and all those other medications that didn’t work I am sure it is over 100,000 naira extra, just this year alone.

And If we add how much you have spent in Doctor Consultations…and all those other medications that didn’t work I am sure it is over 100,000 naira extra, just this year alone.

While you’d need to go years on your normal medications, the 2-in-1 High Blood Pressure Crusher can have you seeing results in less time, so you can spend your money on something else!

Plus if you buy the 2-in-1 High BP crusher, you spend less on what you spend on your medications and yet – finally crush High BP and reverse it to normal! Something normal drugs would probably never do.

And Guess How Much you’d Pay for The 2-in-1 High BP Crusher?

We Have Designed the Dosage in Plans That’d Help You Get Results Depending on whether you want to Test or Completely Reverse Your Blood Pressure. All You Need To Do Is Just Pick One.

One Month Plan


₦80,612.2451% OFF


Two Month Plan


₦121,428.5751% OFF


Full (Three Month) Plan


₦162,244.8951% OFF


365‐Day Money Back

You can use our product for ONE year or 365 days with NO RISK! If after these 365 days our product does not work for you, simply contact us.

Call only – 0905-0228-890

Whatsapp Only – 0905-0228-890

And we will return 100% of your money. As long as you send us back the used product containers to prove you actually used the product.

ONE FULL YEAR. If this 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer does not immediately reduce your blood pressure, just call us for your money back. It’s as simple as that.


Quality Guarantee

Yes. I can boldly say it will work for you. It worked for me, it worked for my friends, it worked for many hundreds of people who have shared their testimony. God willing, it will work for you.

In fact I am so sure I’m willing to give you DOUBLE your money back IF you use it faithfully every day for the next 12 weeks and it doesn’t work.

Yes, I am confident. Just send me a picture of your weekly BP reading taken with beside a national daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my product?

This product will be delivered to your registered address by FEDEX or any of our delivery agents across the country.

How exactly does this 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer work?

This 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer is a combination of 2 major ancient plants found in south east Asia especially India. Their names are Arjuna and Lasuna.

American doctors were sent to India to research the effectiveness of this magical solution, here’s the report from the widely respected United States National Library of Medicine (NCBI)

You see? They concluded it has been SUFFICIENTLY demonstrated in different experimental and clinical studies.

If you know how strict America is with approving anything for medical use, you will understand the gravity of this statement.

Dr, will 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer work for me?

Yes. I can boldly say it will work for you. It worked for me, it worked for my friends, it worked for many hundreds of people who have shared their testimony. God willing, it will work for you.

In fact I am so sure I’m willing to give you DOUBLE your money back IF you use it faithfully every day for the next 12 weeks and it doesn’t work.

Yes, I am confident. Just send me a picture of your weekly BP reading taken with beside a national daily.

If you take 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer in one year and it doesn’t work, return the used bottle and I will personally send you an apology letter as well as send you DOUBLE of how much you paid us.

Is that fair?

Yes, that’s how sure I am.

On the other hand, can your current doctor say the same? Can they give you your money back if your heart fails?

Can they return your money if the current med you’re on doesn’t work? We both know their drugs don’t anything, it complicates it.

What do you have to lose?

Dr, does 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer have any side effects?

Yes, it does! Haha. it will reverse your hypertension and high blood tension within 10 weeks and completely re-strengthen your heart in 6 short months!

If you mean negative side effects? Never. It’s is completely herbal, completely natural. There is absolutely no side effects on your health.

How do I use this powerful 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer?

Once each in the morning after food. That’s all. Enjoy the rest of your day!

How long do I need to use this 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer?

Great question. My HBP was reversed in about 10 weeks although I made sure to complete 6 full months of treatments just to be sure…

And since our bedroom game became so intense enough for madam to even comment on it, I didn’t want to stop using this wonderful herbal solution lol (don’t look at me like that :))

Thankfully, after the first 6 months, the improvement was obvious and I didn’t have to take it again. Although if I know i’ll be going through an insane level of stress, I keep one bottle handy just in case.

So far though, my doctor said, even my blood work came out great. He said the lab report looked like I was 10yrs younger, can you believe that?

Why is 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer so expensive?

First of all, it’s 2-in-1 like the name says. It’s a double power pack to knock out hypertension and burn all that evil cholesterol responsible for putting pressure on your heart.

Secondly, they are produced in India, then we ship it down here.

In addition, we all know how bad our exchange rate is, right?

If you ever have to travel abroad for treatment you will know how expensive medical care is. I learnt my lesson the hard way.

That aside, have you considered the future cost of not kicking hypertension out of your life today? Have you considered the potential repercussion of this wicked condition? Is it worth bargaining for you?

Why not act now instead of spending hundreds of thousands of naira down the line on something you could have solved with less than N70,000? Why even take the risk of stroke or a slump? Is it worth it?

How do I pay for 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer?

As promised, I have removed all the risk for you. I know because we just met you have a right to be a little sceptical but don’t worry we’re already friends. I will personally pay ₦7,500 to courier it to you.

When my courier man gets to you, simply transfer the amount to our company account to collect your goods.

The system is called ‘Payment on Delivery”.

If the order doesn’t arrive, you pay nothing. It’s so simple.

One of the advantages of you sending the money to our company account at delivery is so we can have funds to easily reorder the products for other people suffering from High Blood Pressure to use.

So, go ahead, decide if you want to try the one-month treatment plan

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2-in-1 High Blood Pressure Destroyer is 100% Natural, organic and first ever fully tested natural health supplement proven to work in Nigeria.

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